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My man and I like to take short little getaways — just 4  days away to see the sights and spend time together.

The day before our departure, I always ask him to do 2 things:   print my packing list and pull down the red suitcase.  I stuff mostly books and a few toiletries into the bag — all the essentials for a temporary stay.

Rather than pack my big bottle of shampoo, I have a travel size sample.  I use the tiny toothpaste the dentist gave me, and I don’t worry about possibly running out.  It’s just a short trip.

When we arrive at the hotel, I usually don’t fully unpack.  I kind of live out of the suitcase.   Most of the time we are adventuring outside, and I only come back to the room to lay my head on the pillow.

I never settle in.   I don’t try to warm up the place and make it mine.

It never feels like home.

Tonight, I am thinking about how it’s wise for me to pack lightly for the journey called life.  I need not worry that I am going to run out of what I need.  I won’t be here for long.

Rather than nesting inside a cramped, sterile space, I want to throw the door open and step out into the wild adventure with My God.

Time goes by so quickly.

One day soon, I’ll be home.

I Peter 2:11-12

Something to think about…





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The Secret Place

The Secret PlacePhoto Credit: Miguel Palomino, via Pixabay


Some days, I want to hide.

I want to turn off my phone and delete all my e-mails.  I think about how wonderful it would be to say goodbye to all the ugly.

Some days, it’s hard to face the unlovely.

But then, I remember.   I remember that God didn’t say all my days here on earth would be pretty and peaceful.   I remember that there is work to be done, and if I give up the fight, who will stand and protect my piece of the battlefield?

I gain strength when I remember that I am not facing the ugly on my own.   I gain hope when I remember that others before me have stood their ground and stayed the course.  I gain courage when I remember that the Creator of this universe is my Hiding Place.

Like Moses, I want to stand on the Rock and watch God’s glory go by.  But first, I must position myself in the secret place.  I must stand still and look for His splendor.

My song of deliverance is coming.

King of Glory, I wait for you.    

This year, my desire is to lift up holy hands and “Pray Big.” Want to join me? I’ve created a private “Pray Big” Facebook group for like-minded sisters to share their stories and surrender each one to our mountain-moving God in prayer. Let’s cry out to God together.

Pray Big




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On My Heart (vol. 2)

On My Heart Photo Credit

I thought from time to time it might be nice to give you a peek at what’s tugging at my heart strings.

Right now I am…

Celebrating:  An old friend was in town over Easter, and I was delighted to learn that she is now a married woman.  It was so much fun seeing how God has worked in her life, and her wedding album was beautiful.   I love it when Jesus girls get happy endings!


Watching: I’ve tuned in to A.D., the Bible Continues on NBC, the last two Sunday nights. (I winced and closed my eyes through some of the more violent parts.)  I also finally sat down to view Episode One of Your Big Family Renovation with Jen Hatmaker.  I really enjoyed watching the Hatmakers do their thing and help out another big family with a limited budget.  I could only find one episode though, so I am not sure if more are coming since Episode one aired at the beginning of March.

Reading: I just finished reading Chasing God by Angie Smith, and I am working my way through several other half finished books, including Heaven by Randy Alcorn (which is a million pages long and may take me a few years to finish!)

Planning: I’m dreaming about taking a dip in our new pool!  That is if it ever gets finished….


Listening: I downloaded the new Passion Album Even So Come.  My favorite new song on the album so far is “Draw Near” by Kristan Stanfill.

Making: I am making good use of my crock pot these days.  I love how easy peasy it is to make a big hearty meal, and the whole house smells yummy yummy all day while the food is heating up.  Here is my favorite “go to” meatball recipe.  I make this whenever I have a big group of friends over, or if I have to take an appetizer to a pot luck.

Pondering:  My dad discovered these great pictures of his parents recently.  I never met them because they both passed away in Cuba when I was little.  I find myself wondering how different my life might have been if that whole Fidel Castro thing hadn’t messed things up for my dad’s family. 


Feeling: Brand new!  I visited the hair salon last week.  What is it about getting a good hair cut that makes you feel lighter and fresher?

Loving: I love, love, love the Missional Women App!  It’s packed full of awesome resources including an ESV audio Bible and lots of other goodies.

mw app now


Q4U: What’s on your heart right now?



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