How Cute Jewelry Made Me a Better Evangelist




A few years ago, I joined a few girlfriends for a night out on the town. After a yummy meal and lots of girl talk, we went for a walk.   We discovered an open area downtown that had lots of shops and restaurants and a big central courtyard with little carts full of wares for sale.   I love looking at funky rings and trying on cute costume jewelry. I was browsing at a table with inexpensive pieces when I saw a silver piece that grabbed my attention. It had a turquoise butterfly on the front. I immediately reached for my wallet.

I love butterflies. Yes, they are pretty things that fly, but for me they provide inspiration in my walk as a Christ follower. Butterflies remind me that God is transforming my life. Like a caterpillar, I am on a journey of metamorphosis. God is doing a work in my heart, and each day, I am shedding more and more of my hard shell of sin and learning to fly with greater purpose in complete freedom.

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Game On

Game OnPhoto Credit: Rondell Melling, via Pixabay

Do you still have your “game face” on?

Of course, there will be obstacles and opponents to overcome on the road to victory, but a well-trained athlete takes a defensive stance and keeps his eye on the goal.

The game of life is a short one, so we must run hard, keep talking to our teammates, and stick to the Coach’s strategy.

Keep at it, champ.   Your comeback is coming.


I don’t know about you,

but I’m running hard for the finish line.

I’m giving it everything I’ve got.

No sloppy living for me!

I’m staying alert and in top condition.

I’m not going to get caught napping,

telling everyone else all about it and then missing out myself.

I Corinthians 9:26-27, MSG

Something to think about…


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Lift Me Up

Lift Me UpPhoto Credit


My husband once had a dream that he was flying.   He talks about it all the time.  His favorite ride at Disney is Soarin, which is the closest he’s come to reliving that dream.  Just yesterday, he again talked about how amazing it would be if he could put on a virtual reality headset that mimics the feeling of floating freely in the air.

Unfortunately, most days, I don’t feel like I am flying.  Right now, I am sitting on the couch in the grip of a cold that has sapped all the energy out of me.  Rather than feeling buoyant, I feel deflated.  The thought of doing laundry, cooking dinner, or cleaning this messy house seems like an unmanageable task.

Some days are like that.

When I try to fly in my own strength, I always end up weary and defeated.

I want to soar over the pain and the difficulty, but my circumstances weigh me down.

This broken world will sap the life out of me every time if I let it.

I fall because I forget that I have complete access to the One who rules heaven and earth.

My God is the Lifter of my head.  He is a shield about me.

Daily, I must cry out to my sustaining Savior who rises up to my defense.

As I take hold of Him and trust, He lifts me up, up, up.




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