31 Days to Fruitful Living

Fruit of the Spirit

I am a city girl with a black thumb.  I do not grow things.  Fruit is purchased at the supermarket and brought home.  I do not like to get my hands dirty.

For 2013, my one-word focus was “fruitilicious.”  My desire to is to live a fruitful life for God, but He is teaching me that this will require me to put in some spiritual elbow grease.  I can’t buy this kind of fruit in the store.  I must cultivate it.

So, for 31 days, I explored what it would require for me to live a more fruitful life.  I hope you will join me.  I will do my best to not let my black thumb get in the way of things.

Day 1:  Set aside space in your heart.  

Day 2:  Get rid of the gravel.  

Day 3:  Gain maximum exposure to the Son. 

Day 4:  Let the stinky stuff fertilize your soul. 

Day 5:  Uproot pesky weeds. 

Day 6:  Surrender to the shears. 

Day 7:  Exterminate pesky pests.  

Day 8:  Drive in stakes of spiritual truth to help you withstand the storm. 

Day 9:  Let the water of the Word soak deeply into the soil of your heart. 

Day 10:  Apply God’s forgiveness to your frosty heart regularly.

Day 11:  Don’t stand alone. 

Day 12:  Wait patiently for your fruit to mature. 

Day 13:  Sow love.

Day 14:  Determine if your love is tasty. 

Day 15:  Sow joy.  

Day 16:  Remember joy thrives in the most unlikely places.  

Day 17:  Sow peace.

Day 18:  Run after the juicy, yummy fruit of peace. 

Day 19:  Sow patience. 

Day 20:  Cultivate patience with grit and moxie.

Day 21:  Sow kindness. 

Day 22:  Refresh a friend with kindness when life gets “hot.” 

Day 23:  Sow goodness.

Day 24:  Say “no” to your selfishness. 

Day 25:  Sow faithfulness.  

Day 26:  Be willing to be squeezed and poured out.

Day 27:  Sow gentleness. 

Day 28:  Offer yourself to an awesome God in reverence. 

Day 29:  Sow self-control.

Day 30:  Nourish those God has placed in your circle of influence.

Day 31:   Remember nothing thrives without the Light of the Son.

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