Pray Big for 31 Days


Pray Big 31 Days


Every morning, I wake up and lift my heart to God in prayer.

I praise Him for His glory and goodness.

I surrender my agenda and expectations to His greater kingdom purposes.

I yield my desires to do His will.

And, then I ask for Him to move a mountain.

I cry out to Him for that mountain to crumble.

I believe that God is bigger than any obstacle or stronghold.

Yet, my mountain remains — immovable and unyielding.

Do you have a mountain?   I bet you do.

Like me, you may be discouraged by the darkness that looms large in your view.

You aren’t alone.

If we sat down today in my kitchen and shared our stories, I bet we would see similarities.

That’s exactly what happened to my husband and I just a few months ago.  Our friend Mikey and his bride Sherree invited themselves over and stepped into our valley.  They sat down and listened to the nitty-gritty, and they didn’t try to fix us.  They didn’t pretend that they had it all together, either.  They shared their own messy mountain tale, and then we decided to invite someone else into the conversation.

Four hearts bowed together in front of an altar aflame.

Together, we asked God to move two mountains.

With worshipful hearts, we cried out to Him for those mountains to crumble.

We prayed big.


In the Old Testament when David faced defeat and discouragement, he continually lifted up empty hands to heaven and cried out for mercy.

Why do we think that we can’t do the same?  God delights when we confess our need for Him.   He sees your trembling heart full of love that is holding fast to His promises.

He sees you.

Your prayers are a sweet aroma of sacrifice that rises straight to the heart of the King of Kings.

One glorious day, He will thunder down and crumble your mountain.


May my prayer be set before You like incense;
    may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.

Psalms 141:2


Join me as we Pray Big for 31 days:

Day One:  Lord, help me to keep fighting the good fight.

Day Two:  Lord, plant faith in me that won’t be uprooted by doubt.

Day Three:  Lord, show me how You work. School me in Your ways.

Day Four:  Lord, tear down the walls. Rise up in all Your power.

Day Five:  Lord, let my cry come right into Your presence.

Day Six:  Lord, I offer You all the pieces of my life.

Day Seven:  Lord, give me help for the hard task.

Day Eight:  Lord, please carry my load.

Day Nine:  Lord, may it be Your way, not mine.

Day Ten: Lord, hide me in the protection of Your wings.

Day Eleven: Lord, I will praise You as long as I live.

Day Twelve: Lord, lead me in the path of life.

Day Thirteen:  Lord, lead me to the mighty, towering Rock of safety.

Day Fourteen:  Lord, make a fresh start in me.

Day Fifteen:  Lord, help me to freely forgive others just as You forgive me.

Day Sixteen:  Lord, may we be refreshed as by streams in the desert.

Day Seventeen:  Lord, protect me from my bent toward pride.

Day Eighteen:  Lord, I lift my life up to You.

Day Nineteen:  Lord, help me to continue steadfast in prayer.

Day Twenty:  Lord, help me to be unceasing and persistent in prayer.

Day Twenty-One:  Lord, help me to look forward with confident expectation.

Day Twenty-Two:  Lord, let me see Your great mercy full-face.

Day Twenty-Three:  Lord, help me to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking.

Day Twenty-Four (with FREE PRINTABLE):  Lord, do a miraculous work in the lives of my loved ones.

Day Twenty-Five:  Jesus, I believe nothing is impossible for You.

Day Twenty-Six:  Lord, I’m thanking You with all my heart.

Day Twenty-Seven:  God, mark me with Your grace and blessing.

Day Twenty-Eight:  Lord, I’m looking up to You in hope.

Day Twenty-Nine:  Lord, I will worship You with a heart of thanksgiving.

Day Thirty:  Lord, I believe You will do an unbelievable work in my day.

Day Thirty-One:  Holy Spirit, awaken us.



Let’s #PrayBig in Community:

I’ve created a private “Pray Big” Facebook group for like-minded sisters to share their stories and surrender each one to our mountain-moving God in prayer. Join us.  Let’s cry out to God together.


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