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The Year in Review 2015

Let’s rewind and take a look back at 2015:

January:  Pray Big

Pray Big









Every morning, I wake up and lift my heart to God in prayer.

I praise Him for His glory and goodness.

I surrender my agenda and expectations to His greater kingdom purposes.

I yield my desires to do His will.

And, then I ask for Him to move a mountain.


February: Superman








A year ago, Superman hung up his cape one last time after fighting an epic battle.  His home-going was brutal and beautiful all at once.   I miss the Man of Steel.  He was a rare breed — a devoted family man, a mentor to his brothers, and a hard-working servant to his community.

On Saturday, fifty or so of his closest friends gathered to remember and to reflect.  We sat in a tight knit circle forged by faith and friendship, and we told stories of Superman’s feats while here on earth.


March: Into the Deep

Into the Deep







I’ve also come to see that there is great beauty to be found in the deepest and darkest of waters.

Do you want to go into the deep?

His sovereign hand will be your guide.

Just jump in and meet Him there.

April:  Full-Throttle Faith

Full Throttle Faith






Some days, you just need to grip the steering wheel and keep moving forward — even if you are just inching along.

For the last five years or so, there’s been a dashboard light blinking in my heart.  I am pressing down on the accelerator full throttle, but the road of life has hit me hard.  I am spurt, spurt, spurting along most days.

May: The Hard Hallelujah

The Hard Hallelujah







Sometimes, we choose to lift up empty hands to our God and bless His name with our lips even though our heart is breaking.

June: Organize Your Prayer Life

Organize Your Prayer Life






I don’t want to be a mediocre pray-er.  I want to be a world changer.

I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe that prayer is my battlefield.

Every good soldier marches onto the field with a battle plan.

July: Run Deep

roots run deep








I want to run deep.

I want to stand in the deep with my family.

I want to walk deeper with my friends.

I want to dig deeply with you, dear reader.

I want to plunge into the deepest of the deep with my Jesus.

August: But God

But God








I was empty, but God filled up my tank today.  I am so thankful. 


September:  Love On

Love On






Love creates the space that helps me to move forward into freedom and victory.


October: Pray Big for 31 Days

Pray Big for 31 Days Button









God delights when we confess our need for Him.   He sees your trembling heart full of love that is holding fast to His promises.

He sees you.

Your prayers are a sweet aroma of sacrifice that rises straight to the heart of the King of Kings.

One glorious day, He will thunder down and crumble your mountain.


November: Plead My Cause

Plead My Cause








I feared the worst until God finally assured me that her case was not as complicated as I thought.

You see, I forgot she’s got an unbeatable Defender in her corner.

He’s already declared her innocent.   Victory is certain.

Case closed.

He pleads our cause.


December: Peace and Goodwill

Peace and Goodwill










I must decide to turn off the clamor and tune into the Light. Hope is ever alive in my heart because the Light of the World has come. He has conquered sin and death and darkness.

God is not dead, nor does He sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on earth, goodwill to man.


“The Year in Review 2015.”




The Year in Review 2014

It’s a wrap.  365 days later, 2014 is done.  Can I tell you how thankful I am for God’s mercy rained down on my family this year.  If you had asked me in January how I was going to make it through to December, I probably would have had a good cry.  (In fact, I think I actually did have a cry or two.).  But, here I am in December, and we are in a much better, stronger place.  Life hasn’t gotten much easier, but we have dug down deep into Him, and He is holding us fast.

I am so thankful that you have walked this journey with me.  Your prayers, your e-mails, your love in the comments on this blog — every bit of it has encouraged my spirit deeply.  I know that I haven’t been the best at responding this year, but I want you to know how much you mean to me.  You have been Aaron and Hur holding up my arms in battle.  Bless you.

As we close out this year, I wanted to share one post from each month that captures the spirit of this year for me.  This is kind of a time capsule of 2014 for me.  So, if you want to catch up or re-visit some of my story, here it is.

January : Hold Fast

The Year in Review 2014

May He tattoo these two words on my heart:  Hold fast.

I know He specializes in stormy seas, and He won’t let me slip through His mighty fingers.

February: A Warrior Princess








My King fights for our redemption.  As His Warrior Princess, I am equipped with formidable weapons to wage war and uphold the defenseless.

March: A Soul Set Free

A Soul Set Free







I am a soul set free.

He has broken away chains of bondage.

April: Phoning it In

Phoning it In








If I am not careful with my heart, delight will turn into a duty,

and duty could transform into drudgery.

and drudgery might pave the road to danger.

May: In a Pressure Cooker

in a pressure cooker








…once the lid comes off and the steam is released, I am going to be softer to His touch.

I need to wait.   I need to trust the process.


June : What Are You Wearing?

What Are You Wearing







Sometimes, you don’t know how good something fits until you take a chance and wear it.


July : Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open







My Abba doesn’t drift off to sleep on the job.  He is in tune with my every noise and movement.  His eyes stay wide open every moment of my life.


August : Crossroads







The bridge looms ahead — to cross or to burn.

My feet on the road must yield and not turn.


September : Gloom and Doom

Gloom and Doom






I don’t want to hide inside when it’s a little cloudy outside.  Lord, help me to open up the windows and let the light in.  Help me to walk forward with the wind at my back and eyes lifted firmly toward the heavens.

October : Hold Fast in Hard Times (A 31-day Series)

Hold Fast in Hard Times








On a ship “hold fast” implies that rigging is tied securely.  During inclement weather, sailors would actually wrap themselves in the lines to help maintain their grasp.   Seamen often tattooed this phrase on their knuckles as a reminder.  With this information in mind, I had to smile when I read Hebrews 4:14 in The Message:

Now that we know what we have—
Jesus, this great High Priest
with ready access to God—
let’s not let it slip through our fingers.

This sailor is securing herself to Her Savior.

November : Hit the Reset

Hit the Reset







One thing I do know is that God has provided a perfect “reset function” for my soul.  Have you been mis-functioning lately?  Confession will clear that right up and put a new zip in your spirit.

December : God Came Near

God came near






You see, I don’t worship a distant God.  My life is surrendered to a Heavenly Father who took on flesh and dwelt among the broken.  He came to seek and to save the outcast.  He pursues and woos and remains present.

God Himself is with us.

This Advent, may I remember that God came near, and I must do the same.


“The Year in Review 2014”

The Year in Review — 2013

As we close out 2013, I thought we would take a little lookey back at the top posts from each month of the year.  Consider this my own personal version of the “12 days of Christmas.”  There won’t be a partridge in a pear tree, but I would be happy to leap like a Lord or milk a cow with 9 maidens for you if you find that sort of thing necessary.  Here is the year in review…

January: Fruitilicious

The Year in Review   My one-word focus for 2013 is to be “fruitilicious” — a bright, tasty, juicy morsel shared and given away to sustain life in others.   I will not hide behind the fence in fear and apathy.  (Philippians 1:9-11)





February:  The C-Word

The C Word   On being a Cuban Christian — These days, the word “Christian” has almost become an expletive to some.  It causes me to wonder — how well are we loving others?  Are we obeying the rules?  They will know we are Christians by our love.








March:  The Limp

“…God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction” (Genesis 41:52,b).

April:  Eclipse

Depression  My Story as a Survivor of Clinical Depression: It’s an eclipse. The Light never leaves you. The shadow that obscures is but temporary.  You are not alone.  (Proverbs 23:18)







May:  Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (with Free Printable)

Accountability   The life of a disciple requires some form of accountability.  We must speak truth to our neighbor and allow our spiritual sister to come “sit for a spell” in the parlor of our heart.  She will have “an eye” for things that you might miss — letting her in will make your heart a more inviting place to visit.





June:  Burn the Midnight Oil

The Year in Review  It’s time to burn a little midnight oil, my friends.  Make the most of every chance you get.  Time is short.  How do you “redeem” the time? (Ephesians 5:11-16)









July:  Survivor

Survivor  What would you do if you were confronted with death? What gives someone the strength to survive? Is it luck, chance, instinct? (Psalms 121:2)









August:  On Surrender

surrender  I don’t know what tomorrow will hold.  My heart will remain lifted to God in surrender no matter what the outcome.  God holds my tomorrow.  He holds my friends.  He holds my very life.

I will trust God with my yesterday, my today, and my tomorrow. (Philippians 1:29)







September:  God Loves You

God Loves You   Because God is love, He relishes in giving us a fresh glimpse of His glory.  He longs to refresh our spirit.  (Jeremiah 31:3)






October:  31 Days to Fruitful Living (a series)

31 Days  My desire to is to live a fruitful life for God, but He is teaching me that this will require me to put in some spiritual elbow grease.  I can’t buy this kind of fruit in the store.  I must cultivate it.

So, for 31 days, I explored what it was required for me to live a more fruitful life.  I did my best to not let my black thumb get in the way of things.






November:  Be a Light

Be a Light  On how God spoke to me in a public restroom: Is God calling you to take a step of faith and “Be a Light” in a dark place? (Matthew 5:16)








December:  Comfort and Joy

Tidings of Great Joy  His comfort and joy change everything.  This Advent, may I burst with the God-news. (Luke 1:46-47)



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