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The enemy of your soul is working overtime to overwhelm you with the noise of this world.  Don’t let him distract you.


No matter how hard life gets, you and Jesus are a majority. As long as there is breath in you, God will undergird you with His supernatural strength.

You aren’t just barely breathing today. You are alive in Christ. You are a new creation.

The very breath of God will warm up your heart if you just slow down and breathe in His grace. Remember the same God who cast out demons, healed the lame, gave sight to the blind, and raised the dead is living in you right now.

God has given you a new lease on life

  • You are saved. God has cleansed you completely and poured His renewing Spirit into your life (Titus 3:3-7).
  • You are justified. You are no longer under condemnation. Christ has made things right between you and God. You can experience the fullness of God’s peace today and look forward to tomorrow with hope (Romans 5:1-5).
  • You are accepted. God has chosen you and appointed you to receive every spiritual blessing He has in His treasure chest (Ephesians 1:3-8).
  • You are sanctified. You are work in progress. God is perfecting His holiness in you as you live and breathe (I Corinthians 6:9-11).

God is continually making all things new in your life. The troubles you may be experiencing now are merely the birth pains of God’s miraculous regeneration at work in you.

God specializes in clearing the air and giving His children a new lease on life.


New Lease on Life | Just Breathe for 31 Days - Day 20 |

Breathing Exercise:

Read II Corinthians 5. Note the practical ways Paul challenges you to live in light of your new lease on life.

Listen to this celebration song. You can do a little praise dance of joy as you tap your feet in rhythm. Go ahead and recklessly praise Him for making all things new. I promise you will feel 10 times better if you do.

Breathe a prayer of thanks to your God who continually clears the air around you.





Just Breathe for 31 Days |









I am sharing “New Lease on Life” and joining like-minded sisters at Faith-Filled Friday, Fresh Market Friday, and Blessing Counters.






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  1. June October 26, 2016 at 8:06 pm #

    Wow, Lyli! This is like shooting adrenaline right into the vein. Good stuff!

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