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Oxygen Mask | 3dlessons4life.com

A person can survive forty days without food,
four days without water,
but only four minutes without oxygen.

I rushed off to face the day without hitting my knees first.
I immediately regretted it. I was running late, but those precious minutes entering the throne room of God make such a difference.

Prayer is oxygen for my soul.

Without prayer, I am more anxious. I am easily irritated. I lack the life-giving grace required to survive the polluted atmosphere of this broken world.

Prayer awakens my soul. My senses tune in to the moving of the Spirit as I look up to my Healer.
Prayer is my lifeline.
When my breathing starts to grow ragged, it’s a sure sign that my prayer life has unraveled.
My friends, we need to stay tethered to God.
Your soul is craving a fresh encounter with Him. Get on your knees and breathe in His presence.

Oxygen Mask | Just Breathe for 31 Days - Day 14 | 3dlessons4life.com

Breathing  Exercise:

Read James 5:13-20. How does James describe prayer as a lifeline for God’s people?
Listen to this heart cry. Pour out your heart to your God on your knees. Hold nothing back. Ask Him to oxygenate your weary soul.




Just Breathe for 31 Days | 3dlessons4life.com










I am sharing “Oxygen Mask” and joining like-minded sisters at Spiritual Sundays and Faith-Filled Friday.




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2 Responses to Oxygen Mask

  1. June October 15, 2016 at 8:33 pm #

    Prayer is like oxygen on steroids! The one thing we neglect that can help us the most. Praying that we’ll all be more disciplined in this area of our lives. Blessings on your weekend, Lyli!

  2. Rachel Britton October 20, 2016 at 5:15 pm #

    Oh yes, so agree with you. I crave my time with God in the morning. Without it, my day just doesn’t seem right. It is a lifeline.

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